The Cake Witch Flavour List


Vanilla Madeira with vanilla butter cream and whatever jam takes your fancy.


Very special rich chocolate Madeira with chocolate butter cream.


Smashing lemon with lemon syrup, lemon butter cream and lemon curd.


Red Velvet (awesomeness in cake form) with cream cheese frosting.


Carrot cake with walnuts, orange juice, dried fruits, spices and an orange cream cheese frosting.


Coffee cake with pecans and a coffee-pecan butter cream filling.


Coconut lime cake with pineapple jam and vanilla coconut butter cream.


Clementine cake with blueberry butter cream.


Milk chocolate cake with coconut butter cream.


Pink Velvet (raspberry and elderflower) with fresh raspberries and cream cheese frosting.


Honey cake with orange blossom honey syrup, vanilla butter cream & Madagascan vanilla caramel sauce.


Vanilla Madeira with gorgeous Italian peach jam, raspberry jam & peach butter cream.


Lemon and blueberry marble cake with lemon butter cream and blueberry jam.


Real strawberry Madeira with homemade gin syrup, vanilla butter cream and the best strawberry jam.


Tropical fruit cake with pineapple, mango, papaya & vine fruits soaked in pineapple juice, lime juice and rum!


Strawberry and mango light fruit cake with fruit juice and spices.


Prune, Cherry and vine rich fruit cake soaked with Armagnac and aged for months!


Moist Guinness Fruit Cake.


If you would like to come and try some cake, The Cake Witch offers a tasting consultation.  This is an opportunity to not only sample your flavours of choice, but also to meet with me and talk in depth about your cake, see the sizes of the tiers first-hand and also to see exactly where your cake will be created.  The fee for this flavourful consultation is £15 for each cake you would like to try; for this I will bake you the cake and make the fillings and syrups you have chosen.  You will sample some during our meeting and the rest of the cake will be boxed up for you to take home and share (or not!). As a guide, most couples choose the same amount of cakes to try as tiers they would like for their wedding cake, however, this is not a rule and some couples prefer to have 4, 5 or 6 different cakes to choose from, even if they are only having 3 tiers. Tasting consultations are available on weekdays and Saturdays and are extremely popular so please do get in touch if you would like to come and eat, talk and enjoy cake with me!





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