The Cake Witch is a cake place with a difference. We don’t just bake, we don’t just decorate and we certainly don’t just make a nice a sponge (although we do make a very nice sponge). We live cake. We breathe cake. We dream cake. We are here to indulge all your sugary desires, from inception to ingestion, we want every second of your cakey journey to be epic.

Like we said earlier, we do make a smashing sponge. But there is an awful lot The Cake Witch can do with a sponge!

One of the most popular asks is “what flavours do you do?” It would be easier for us to answer the question “what flavours DON’T you do?” Now, I’m not saying that I think scrambled egg and duck liver parfait would be a fabulous flavour choice for a Madeira.  But if you have a flavour that you particular enjoy, such as elderflower or pear or mango or chocolate chilli, we will do our level best to create you a cake that tickles all your fancies. You aren’t limited to a jolly good vanilla Madeira or a particularly moist chocolate sponge, with us you can spread those flavour wings of yours and we’ll fly with you.

However, should you need a little inspiration (and let’s face it, who doesn’t sometimes), we have a list of flavours that have proven to be go-to favourites with brides, celebrants, birthday boys, birthday girls, anniversary enjoyers, exam passers, driving test passers, wedding fair visitors, brand new babies, babies on their way, dogs, cats, dickie birds, our family and anyone else we have been able to push pieces of cake on to. We hope you, too, will enjoy them!

Vanilla Madeira with Vanilla Buttercream and whatever jam takes your fancy

Rich Chocolate with Chocolate Fudge Buttercream

Smashing Lemon with Lemon Syrup, Lemon Buttercream and some raspberry jam if you’d like

Red Velvet (awesomeness in cake form) with Cream Cheese Frosting

Pink Velvet (raspberry and elderflower) with Raspberry Cream Cheese Frosting

Honey Caramel with Honey Frosting and Honey Caramel Sauce

Peach Melba (Vanilla Madeira) with gorgeous Italian peach jam, raspberry jam & peach Buttercream Lemon and Blueberry Marble Cake (or any flavour marble cake, we like them a lot!)Strawberry Madeira (real strawberries, not flavourings) with Vanilla Buttercream and Strawberry and Gin JamStrawberry Mango Light Fruit (This is so good! Strawberry, mango, raisins, pecans and spices.)

Prune and Armagnac Rich Fruit (Aged to infinity and beyond, and fed regularly with Armagnac.)

One of the things that The Cake Witch really does enjoy and revels in (and actually sometimes does a little celebratory dance about) is that, where possible,we make our own jams and curds. Not only that (“there’s more than that?” I hear you gasp) we even grow, pick and forage our own fruits to make said jams and curds with (unless it’s lemon curd as living in North Kent isn’t conducive for growing citrus).  We have a little kitchen garden that we grow all sorts of lovelies in, including all the edible flowers and herbs that we use to decorate our botanical cakes with. It is utter bliss and we enjoy every second of taking the flowers and fruits from the kitchen garden to the kitchen and using them to create flavours and decorations. We are also fortunate enough to be based in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (yes, that is an actual thing) and we are surrounded by fruit farms (very friendly ones), wild fruits, glorious flora and fauna and a general sense of natural beauty that inspires us every day to make our cakes as utterly gorgeous and representative of our surroundings as possible.

We also try to make our cakes just a little bit more special than most other cakes. As previously mentioned, we believe in flavour and that doesn’t just go for the gorgeous cake that is wrapped up in a layer of decoration. Oh no, we go the extra mile, we don’t just put the fondant on the cake, we add an extra layer of flavour under the fondant. So, if you were having a vanilla Madeira with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream, we would add a layer of raspberry white chocolate ganache before the fondant goes on, or if you were having lemon and blueberry marble cake we would add a layer of blueberry ganache and if it were a fruit cake, I can thoroughly recommend clementine marzipan! The list of flavour combinations is endless and we love it that way!Today's tasting plate:

Strawberry Madeira with Vanilla Cream & Strawberry Gin Jam. Raspberry Madeira with Elderflower Cream and Fresh Raspberries. Honey Buttermilk Cake with Vanilla Cream, Honey Syrup and Vanilla Caramel Sauce.


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